How long does a photo session take?

The time taken depends on the attitude of your pet on the day. Sometimes the best phtos are taken within 10 minutes. Some pets take longer to relax and cooperate. Allow 30 minutes to an hour. When the pet has had enough so have I.

Can I get in the photo with my pet?

Yes of course.

What animals do you take photos of?

All animals including birds and reptiles. My favourite subjects are horses and dogs.

Who are you?

Debra is a published travel photographer. Now retiring her backpack, she is combining her two loves: photography and animals. Debra has a wealth of practice around dogs and horses in particular all her life and understands successful images depends on the attitude of each pet. Believing in a “patience policy” meaning no rush or time limit therefore adapting to the pets co-operation.

If I only order digital images, do I have exclusive rights to print these myself?

Yes you can print these images anywhere, anyway and as many times as you please. For: example you can print your own calanders, frame or turn them into a tea towel.

Where do you shoot outdoors?

Depends on the animal. Dogs love playing at the beach so we can meet there. Early mornings and late afternoon is best. We can photograph at your favourite park or garden. Urban shots. Where ever you wish.

Home photo sessions. What are the benefits?

Obviously you do not have to travel with your pet to meet me. I can come to you. This is best for cats as they are most relaxed at home. We could incorporate your garden into the pet poses if you are proud of it.

What can I bring to the photo shoot?

Your pets favourite toys are always a positive to relax your pet. Also you could bring their bling such as a fancy collar, blankets, clothing dress-ups, bandanas. Or pose natural and we can capture their true personality.

How long before I see the results? How long is delivery of my order?

Within 48 hours I will email you a link and password so you have access to your private online gallery. Here you peruse and choose what images you want to keep.

Depending on what you order, digital and glossy photos can be delivered within 4 days. Canvas wall art 7 days. Other items can take up to three weeks to be supplied so I can deliever immediately.

If there are any questions not covered above send me a message to ask.

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